Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eh.I don't know

I honestly don't know where this country is going to be in say...18months. I would hope that with the upcoming round of town meetings people will send enough mail and phone calls to their supposed 'representatives' that the Health Care reform dies..or at least spends the next 12-24mos in cardiac arrest. I'm hoping if that happens that the same people who wrote letters, emails and made phone calls will vote all the bastards out..and I mean ALL of them. I want the next batch of pols to understand that if they piss us if ands or butts..they're out too. If that happens There just maybe hope for us yet. If the Health Care bill gets passed and we elect the same bunch of hypocrites because we're stupid and lazy...then ..we get what we deserve. Whether that be civil war or slavery....or both one after the other for that matter. Right now I gotta say I'm a mite pessimistic.

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  1. I'm not pessimistic at all. I know the asswipes will all be voted back in. Duh!

    I believe we need to use the big stick....

    fear the drool, i am basset


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