Wednesday, December 2, 2009

90yr old CMOH winner under attack by idiots..

Or to be more accurate his Home Owners Association board. A bunch of retards with entirely too much time on their hands...

"Col. Van T. Barfoot, a local Medal of Honor winner, is under the gun from his Henrico County community's homeowner association.

In a five-paragraph letter to Barfoot that he received yesterday, Barfoot is being ordered to remove a flagpole from his yard. The decorated veteran of three wars, now 90 years old, raises the American flag every morning on the pole, then lowers and folds the flag at dusk each day in a three-corner military fashion.

In a priority mail letter, the Coates & Davenport law firm in Richmond is ordering Barfoot to remove the pole by 5 p.m. Friday or face "legal action being brought to enforce the Covenants and Restrictions against you." The letter states that Barfoot will be subject to paying all legal fees and costs in any successful legal proceeding pursued by the homeowner association's board"

wait it gets better...
"There is no provision in the community's rules expressly forbidding flagpoles, Barfoot's daughter said. But she said the board ruled against her father's fixture and ordered it removed in July, deciding that free-standing flag poles are not aesthetically appropriate. Short flag stands attached to porches dot the community."

*fingers drumming on the table*
This HERO served his country in 3 wars and he can't fly Old Glory on a pole in his front yard because all the sudden the HOA deems it "asthetically inappropriate"? WTF? I wonder how these people would like their chairs shoved up their fundaments sideways..without the benefit of lube.

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