Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cui Bono? [Who Benefits?]

I ganked this from a buddy of mine from Canada. He's on the outside looking in, so it is to me a very valid perspective, and questions:

In all the blogs, news reports and discussions, there's been one question that hasn't been asked, nor answered about the very ambitious slate of legislation that the current administration is looking to pass - who's going to benefit from it all? The Cap and Trade bill, as it stands at 1300+ pages and counting is filled with extraneous additions - not just what the cap and trade is going to be, not just who has to participate, but it also includes provisions on how you must deal with your own home, how you may or may not sell your home, what you must do under this bill to reduce the carbon footprint...and every single item has a detrimental effect on the economy and therefore on everyone's life. Too many articles abound about the negative economic effect - hell, even the administration admits to a negative effect initially - and that, during the worst economic downturn since 1929. So - who benefits from this? Not our children, nor our grandchildren, nor their children - as they will be labouring to pay for this legislation. What about the Healthcare bill that the administration wants to pass? Who's going to benefit? The people who still can't afford the government plan because they earn too much for a subsidy but not enough to pay the government premium? Yet - the penalty built in will be equally as bad to that same family. Who, other than people who already qualify for Medicare/Medicaid will benefit from such a bill - one that will cost 3 years worth of GDP? Added to the Cap and Trade bill - that just puts another generation into debt? Where's the general benefit?

To say that none of this seems to be thought out is pointless. This has been thought out by the architects. The question is - what aren't they saying and who are the ultimate beneficiaries of these pieces of legislation? Anyone? Bueller?


Rob T

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