Friday, July 24, 2009

Race and Crime in America

okay lads and lasses we're in whats called delicate territory. But those who've followed me elsewher know that the word 'subtle' is NOT in my dictionary. In his recent arrest a professor told a cambridge police officer "This is because I'm a black man in America isn't it?"
Not to put too fine a a point on it..YES YOU ASSSHOLE!
He should be grateful one of his neighbors gave enough of a damn to call the cops because he was breaking into his own house. Though the neighbors didn't see who he was at the time. WTF were the neighbors SUPPOSED to think? *facepalm*

Look at these stats from the DOJ from 76-05 anyone notice the trend?
So YES if a diproportionate amount of the crime being committed by a significantly minority portion of the population..guess what? Its NOT profiling ASSHATS...its just noticing the obvious and THAT is how the cat ate the canary! By the same token calling racial profiling, religious bigotry for arabs and muslims is a bunch of bullshit as well.

Now I haven't searched the DOJ site to see how much the stats have changed lately. I suspect they've changed somewhat with the HUGE influx of illegal aliens and the criminal elements there in.

Something to think about before you call racial profiling, ain't it?

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