Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sigh...really? Jeebus this is stupid. RE SFWA 202

Apparently in the last couple Science Fiction Writers Association[from here on in simply SFWA] newsbulletins has some things that people found offensive.  Why?  I don't know because it's a private publication, I haven't read the entries that are supposed to be so offensive. Why? because so far of the entries I've look up...not a single fucking person has bothered to REPRINT IN FULL the offending articles, for those of us reading their rant's to peruse!  Frankly this shit is starting to annoy me. Some people are just alluding to what was said...using loaded words like "racism" and sexism" . Which as we all know is simply the attempt of someone without a shred of logical argument or facts to back them up  To use those words to silence the people that disagree with them or deflect the argument by inflaming peoples emotions so they don't actually think things through.

Some when this argument started with SFWA Bulletin issue #199[according to most of what I've read] posted 140 character excerpts from it to twitter. Notice I said excerpts...NOT links to the actual articles.. Some have taken to their blogs to rant.  Yet so far the only thing I've seen really outside of those is a scan of the 1st couple paragraphs in issue 199 and that was highly complimentary to Mary Shelly, saying that Frankenstein was the first true sci fi story written but that many wouldn't recognize it as such[instead seeing it as simply horror] so they'd stick to what most people would recognize as sci fi

John Scalzi current president of the SFWA printed a Mea Culpa and directed the editor of it the bulletin to "create a task force" to look into the this matter.  So he created a task force? Doesn't that sound awesomely like doing something?  Now as anyone who follows US politics knows..."creating a task force" is code for "we're going to come up with more rules for you sheep to follow so that the so called 'offender' is silenced, which will make you sheep happy...but will further enslave you so stupid it's almost funny, sheep. Man you dumbshits are easy to fleece."  Which is...sadly given the known political leanings of the SFWA's president and as far as I can tell with the suspected poltical leanings of the "offended"  I'm afraid is probably exactly what's gonna happen here.

See...here is my whole problem with this whole brouhaha. By writing and spreading all these tirades publicly instead of; as one writer I read, who suggested 'keeping it in the family and asking the editors to let them write a rebuttal in the next issue or even have a sit down and go round with the authors of the offending article and some of those upset by it, and then printing that 'sit down' in it's entirety in the following issue...they seem to me to in effect being to try to "shame" the supposed 'offenders' into silence. One of the thing that the "accusers and mortally offended" fools are upset about is that while keeping it in the family the two offenders got word of all the bitching and wrote a rebuttal to it, keeping it in the family  and told them they were seeing things not there...therefore the problem lies with the accuser...not the 'offenders'

Here's my other problem...in the several blog posts I've read in regards to this ...not a SINGLE. SOLITARY.. ACCUSER has had the good graces...or the brass tits[all the accusers so far that I've read are women with one exception in the page and a half of google results so far]] big enough...to reprint the offending articles in full!  Not. A, One!  All they do is post links that link back to each other! Not a single one has bothered to post the ARTICLES in their entirety so that we the public; Can make a calm rational decision and have a calm rational discussion about this.  BTW by 'public' I mean those of us seeing this who are also writers...irregardless of what kind of genre we write in, and no full disclosure..I'm the other half of this equation.  The other half of the 'public' being those like me...the READERS. Many of us who are not just fans of authors but actual  FRIENDS of authors in the business  as well.

Seems to me all these ladies [seriously one of the things these idiots are supposedly offended by is the use of the word 'ladies' as it pertains to editors, writers and publishers of the female persuasion??} have their knickers in a twist and are not sharing the full story thus shaping the narrative and in effect..TWISTING IT!  So that it serves their purposes.  Sorry ladies.  You really should have tried to go the calm rational route 1st and asked the editor of the bulletin to let you respond in an article or have a round table discussion or series of round table discussions, with you, and another of those that feel like you, along with Resnick and Malzberg  to be published in a following issue.  Bringing it all out into the open yes...but still keeping it in the family. Yeah I know regular readers...me suggesting something rational in the middle of a diatribe?] Now I'm afraid that no matter WHAT the truth is...you're going to get roundly and soundly hammered into a mulched cow shit, by those who have leapt to Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg' s defense.  Shot yourselves in the foot you did. Thought before leaping off the cliff you should have.   You  may still get your way in the matter.  Frankly given my WAG as  to the political leanings of those offended...they probably are doing all this screaming to silence the opinions of those they disagree with. It IS a tried and true tactic after all.

Sigh......actually maybe I should thank some of these LADIES publicly and by name because by getting my dander up about this and making me want to write a response...it's allowed me to get some of my mad out about some of the really pissed off making crap going on in my life right now.

Remember..TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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