Saturday, January 14, 2012


* Note- there will be foul and offensive language in this little diatribe. IOW I aim to let the hammer down, so if you're easily offended....I'd suggest vacating the premises.........


(this one has been sitting in my drafts unfinished for more than a week. something to tide you over..Hmmm..don't think I'm going to do any editing or edition to this one. It's about right as is.)
Warning has been given and I've given you time..if you keep on reading and get offended, on your own head be it.

"- European leaders promised on Saturday to speed up plans to strengthen spending rules and get a permanent bailout fund up and running as soon as possible, a day after U.S. agency S&P cut the ratings of several euro zone countries' creditworthiness."

Like our own leaders they've learned nothing. As soon as you say something is too big to fail and give it 'bail outs' are setting it up TO FAIL. By giving Greece money to try and prop it up...the rest of the Euro's are only going to weaken their own goddamn positions...depending on just how much they give. By setting up a "permanent bail out fund", your basically saying you 'expect' people to fail and are giving them a permanent parachute to keep them from hitting the floor. Hell, the only way the people falling are going to learn is to fall flat on their asses..HARD. Then they can take a few minutes to cry like a bitch and then get the fuck up off the floor and reach for the sky again...except this time they can be more intelligent about it. For these governments and their people the lesson SHOULD be painful

Over here in the U.S. we have a similar but different problem. We the people WANT our government to make deep cuts in spending budgets. We WANT our government to be fiscally responsible and stop giving free handouts to everyone and their syhphilitic mother. Yet we have a government that consistently spent Over a Trillion dollars MORE than what was taken in EVERY year for the last 3. A government where they, our supposed representatives SAY they're going to make cuts, on both sides of the political aisle, and then do exactly NOTHING. A government that for the last 3yrs, soon to be 4yrs; couldn't be bothered TO PASS A GODDAMN BUDGET!!

A government that earlier this year raised our debt ceiling a Trillion dollars to keep from going into default and then formed a 'committee' to come up with 'real' budget cuts. A committee that has failed to accomplish a fucking thing I might add; except continue with the same bickering bullshit in MICRO, that they do in MACRO during a full congressional session!! What. The. Fuck?! This helps us how? Newsflash it doesn't. Oh and that same government is now planning on raising the debt ceiling a further Trillion dollars to keep from going into default. Why? Because our goddamn government can't fucking figure out that spending money like a sailor in a whore house on fucking shore leave is a bad motherfucking idea from mother fucking beginning to anal raping end!! Useless, asslicking, lying, fork tongued, power hungry bastards and bitches!

So let us remember 1 thing if we remember nothing's time to put FEAR And ABJECT TERROR into the hearts and minds of our Politicians so they OBEY US...not try to RULE us, like they have been. It's time to put We The People back in the forefront of American Politics...we haven't been there for a long while because we've allowed ourselves to become complacent. Okay some of us. Some of us are also frustrated as hell because we've been screaming about this shit for YEARS.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity. TANSTAAFL

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