Thursday, July 8, 2010

Would you part from your collection?

Here's a question or 2 to ponder.
1.Suppose for a second that you decided you absolutely had to pare down your book collection. What one book, or one set of books by a single author, could you absolutely not bear to part with?

My own answer is..I don't know..I love all my books.

2. An offshoot of the first question [and my answer to it]..could you bear to part with ANY of the books in your current collection?

My answer for this one is..

No..not only no, but HELL NO! You can have them AFTER you kill me not before, but you ARE gonna have to kill me first. Or at least wound me severely enough that I can't respond. In which case you'd better run because once I recover I WILL hunt you down and kill one of any number of excruciating ways I've picked up from the books I've read over the years.
Why? I shall tell you. I've said this before collection has never been as big as some of the monster collections that I know my fellow readers here have. Never will be. I am...kind of selective of what I read, and what goes into my collection. I've always pruned as I go. That is to say..if I don't think a book has reread value for me, I won't even bother to purchase it in the first place. I may try to get it at the local library just to read once, but I won't pay for it. There have been admittedly the odd stinkers now and then that made it past that initial 'smell' test at the bookstore. Also due to sheer absentmindedness and forgetfulness there have been the odd novels that I've gotten multiple copies of because I blank on whether I have it or not. Those I feel no shame in parting with. As for the rest of my collection? I can't part with them. I won't part with them. They aren't just printed words on bunch of bound together pages. They are friends..members of my family that I love dearly. That bring me joy over and over again. So no I will not part with them.

I will freely admit to having some authors that have gotten so formulaic and boring that I refuse to by anything else they publish. Clive Cussler for one...but I will not part with any of the works in my collection. Ted Bell is another author of whose novels I will NEVER buy another. He got annoying real fast. He kills the main characters love interest from the 1st book, kills her in the opening scene of the 2nd novel on the chapel steps after their wedding. He THEN in the 4th book finds a replacement love. A healing for the main character and not only kills her, but has the main character, our hero, pull the trigger! *facepalm*
Oddly enough I think that 4th novel did so badly he gave up writing for a while, because I haven't seen or heard anything more from him in a couple years.

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