Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Illegal Immigration post,....kinda

I'm a fan of writer Vince Flynn and frequent his web forum over on
One of the things we've got a thread going on is of course illegal immigration. the guy who started the thread is..alas sometimes an annoying moron. witness his latest post in the thread:
I am impressed with people who live in the world of simple answers – like:
It would be easy to find, arrest, jail, try, transport 11,000,000 Mexicans back to somewhere in Mexico
It would be easy to seal the borders, build walls and fences so high the Mexicans could not climb over using extension ladders and ropes.
It would be easy to locate, identify (I assume you would photo and finger print for later identification), and inform 11,000,000 Mexicans that they have 90 days to leave the USA. (I assume you would use every FED, State, City law agency to find the 10,999,000 cheaters after your 90 day “get out” period)
It would be easy to find, arrest, jail, try, prove guilt and transport every criminal back to their county of origin. Sort of like the criminals in Gitmo.
I have some more simple answers-ultimatums:
Lets give every welfare recipient 90 days to get job or we will stop their welfare checks
Lets give every American a job
Lets get all those jobs that went overseas back to the USA
Lets get all the voters to vote the bums out and put real American in.
Lets give every student 90 days to get their grades up to B or we will expel them.
I love living in a simple world of ultimatums.
Now those of you who know me and read anything I write know this post is gonna infuriate me. Frankly, I think I did an admirable job of keeping my temper in check in my rebuttal.
Here is my rebuttal:
Okay lets take this in REVERSE order.
1. There ain't nothing simple about a lot of things but....

2.Now your just being ridiculous

3. Oh absolutely..I want everyone currently "serving' [now there's a play on words that's bad comedy. notice I am not laughing] GONE. See they aren't there for US. They are there to make themselves money and amass power and favors.

4. the only way to do that is to lift restrictions, drop taxes etc. If the government is hostile to business, and certain government departments are highly so, the businesses will take their s*** and go somewhere, that isn't hostile to the business environment.

5. See number 4

6. I don't know that I'd go quite that far right off the bat..but it's not a bad idea. When you are raising MULTIPLE, nay SUCCESSIVE generations on ain't productive. It doesn't teach self reliance and self respect [which is what is missing in a lot of those on welfare] it teaches dependence. It teaches that they are OWED something by the world at large when in fact the only thing they're OWED is what they can EARN.

7. Who the hell said it would be that simple? No one thinks it is going to be simple, ie easy, but it HAS to be done. those criminals are overloading the justice system and crippling the economy. Frankly if they are criminals we SHOULD be sending them back..'in body bags'

8. it's not going to be that simple. at least not after you round up the first several thousand from in front of the various strip centers, and home improvement stores where masses of illegals hang to get day labor jobs from people who should freakin well know better. I live in Texas so I know whereof what I speak in that regard. They cripple the economy, send billions back across the border to mexico, get free health care and schooling..the list is nothing you haven't heard so I'm not going through the whole frackin litany.

9. Yes..actually it would be. You give the mexican government a 30 day warning. you tell them they can stop the flood, or we will. You put troops on the ground, in pill boxes, machine gun nests, and mine fields creating a no mans land. You try to cross you die. Until people pull their heads out of their rectums and actually treat this as the war this is...anything else is just spitting into the wind.

10. is there an echo in here?
see not one cuss word or insult directed towards the original poster. I'm rather proud of myself. I'd still like to take a 2x4 to his skull, and try and beat a clue into his brain though. That dude and at least one other rub me the wrong way.


  1. No, really wolf. Tell me what you really think! Don't hold back. Those poor, downtrodden Mexican immigrants. How dare you pick on them! They deserve our love, our help, our monies everything we have and they do not. Kumba-fucking-ya!

  2. A nit to pick. At least in Texas they don't get free education. Our school districts are financed with sales and property taxes. If they buy anything, such as food, they pay sales taxes. If they rent an apartment, the rental price includes the property taxes.

    They might be getting taxed relatively little because they are poor so they don't buy much and use cheap housing. But that's the same as poor people who were born here.


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