Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't know how much time we've got before...

it all goes up in flames, or out with a whimper.

We have just for starters..the Obama administration filing suit against the state of Arizona re their new illegal immigration law Which to me doesn't hold water because the Arizona state law is basically a carbon copy of the FEDERAL law. You can't say one is legaland constitutional and the other not when it's for all intents and purposes the Same. Law.

Some may remember that Obama placed a moratorium on drilling in the gulf. the oil companies got together and filed a lawsuit against the administration.
It hasn't hit the papers yet..online or otherwise but its in the news...the judge threw out the moratorium and said the administration can't do that and is overstepping it's constitutional powers....
here it is..just popped up

Also in regards to the oil spill..you have our government browbeating a privately owned multinational company to create a $20 billion dollar CLAIMS fund to be administered by the Obama Administration..the same administration that couldn't find it's ass in the dark with a flashlight, a GPS unit and both hands! The Obama administration has also brow beat BP into not paying the dividends that the company OWES the shareholders...to the tune of $10billion. This ladies and germs falls under the heading of " A Very Bad Thing" Why? because those shareholders invested their money in a company EXPECTING some sort of return on their investment. A return that now, the government is effect, forcing the company NOT to pay. Rather like what the government did to the auto stockholders and the those in the banking industry that make their living by the bonuses at the end of the year.

The Obama Administration is also calling on the carpet it's top military man in Afghanistan, General McChrystal, for some comments in Rolling Stone magazine that were derogatory of the the Administration and Obama himself. Which while I'm not thrilled about it...the Whitehouse has every right to do. I will say this though..hey politicians..if your own appointed military men are unhappy with the situation..you can bet your drunken, whoring, power hungry asses that the TROOPS themselves are NOT happy.


Oh and in more illegal immigration news the country of Mexico has filed suit in federal court to ask the federal court to overturn the AZ law as unconstitutional. The Mexican government is filing to protect it's good relations with the US without ONE state mucking up the works. Also to protect the rights of Mexican Citizens. Uhmmm..if they're Mexican Citizens..not American ones...and have no intention of becoming US citizens..then THEY. DON'T. BELONG. HERE!
Also in more immigration news today..a small town in Nebraska..

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