Friday, October 9, 2009

One wonders..

what the hell is wrong with this picture?
Man kills cop. there are multiple witnesses and evidence galore. Man is convicted and sentenced to death. 20 YEARS LATER..the bastard is STILL alive and the death sentence has been thrown out. They are going to retry the punishment phase of a trial 20yrs old, because the lawyers for the defense FINALLY found a fuck up on a technicality? I propose a new law. Now keep in mind I think something similar was proposed before but I don't remember if it passed..I don't think so.
1. If you get the death penalty you have 5yrs or 3 tries at an appeal. Which ever comes first. After your attempts are used up or time runs go straight to the chamber within 48hrs. No more appeals, No Clemency.
2. If there are witnesses and ample don't GET an appeal..sentence to be carried out within 10days. Especially if you are STUPID enough to kill a cop, in cold blood, in plain sight and... in front of witnesses!

Look I don't like ALL cops..I've run into more than my share of dipshits with a small dick, and a badge on a power trip. But Jesus Jumpin H Christ! Why is this bastard still alive?

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