Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interesting news as of late

Roman Pukefacelanski arrested in the land of watches and fine chocolate. They did something right. Alas now hollyweird is protesting it.

and there's some seriously stupid things being said by the lefty lackwits...

The stupidity inherent in articles like this is...frightening. Personally I think deportment to the US.and MAYBE jail. is to good for him. I'd suggest taking a page from Vlad the Impaler's playbook and staking the son of a bitch. Alas I don't think the agony would last anywhere near long enough.

Then there's this bit of idiocy..

The economy is a shambles. Its being made even worse by his policies, there's a war going on and he's worried about the fucking OLYMPICS? Pardon my french but to qoute current Black youth euphamisms.."Nigga Please!"
I'd say I've lost respect for Oprah but I never HAD any for her.

More later.

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