Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spoiled Brat? yeah probably but..

Interesting case up Jersey way. an 18yr old is suing her parents for private school tuition, her pending college fees and legal fees engendered by her lawsuit of her parents.

Now she claims her parents threw her out of the home upon her 18th birthday

Rachel Canning claims she’s been out of her parents’ home since her 18th birthday, Nov. 1, after her parents vowed to cut her off “from all support both financially and emotionally.”

However her parents say she threw a temper tantrum and stormed out of the house and they've since cut her off because of her inability to abide by the "house rules" of her parents. Which...most parents have in one form or another.

Sean Canning says the athletic, brainy teen refused to follow the rules of his home, like being respectful, doing chores, coming home by curfew and breaking off a relationship with a boyfriend the parents dislike.
Okay...the 1st 3 rules of the house mentioned aren't that heinous.  Sorry kids...but it's for your own good. I never had to worry much about rule 3 because well..I was never one to go out with friends because frankly..I didn't really have any.  As for rule 4 which is really an ultimatum not a rule. 1. why do the parent's dislike the boy so much? is he abusive? manipulative?  Maybe he's a player and their girl is to far gone in love to recognize or acknowledge it?  Or is it just a case of "no one is good enough for daddy's girl"?    I'm not a father but I am a doting, protective  uncle and I'm already trying to figure out what I'm gonna do with the bodies of anyone who hurts my nieces.  I'm leaning towards the purchase of a large industrial grade woodchipper at the moment.

Further muddying the waters of this little brouhaha...

Further complicating the matter is Rachel Canning’s allegation of domestic abuse last October and a teacher who witnessed the teen and her mother engaged in a rough conversation that ended in a nasty way.
But Sean Canning, furious that the family feud has reached the courts, claims a Division of Child Protection and Permanency representative visited the family home and found Rachel was a “spoiled” and petulant child and ended the investigation

So there was an allegation of abuse and CPS came out and investigated? And concluded that the girl is just a spoiled brat?  Hmmmm

And then there's this bit?

The Morris Catholic High School senior and lacrosse player instead has lived at the Rockaway, N.J., home of a classmate, whose father, John Inglesino, has foot the bill for the suit.

One wonders why her friends father is footing the bill of this lawsuit?  Call me a cynical, suspicious son of a bitch if you want but...this makes me...a tad uneasy.  Note the latter statement is again coming from a doting uncle who's nieces have had him wrapped around their little fingers since they were born, and I'm still a tad suspicious of this.

Now frankly?  if she did walk out in a snit as the parents contend? I'd have probably not cut off the tuition for the kid's final year of high school. I'd have  paid that off so she can finish her schooling if she hasn't already and let her go on her merry way.   Then there is the bit about them diverting the funds they'd put aside in an account for her college?  Shrug. One guesses that the money in that account was provided for by the parents and not her from the sounds of it, therefore it's still their money.  Now if it was a trust fund set up in her name that she couldn't touch til a certain point...I'm not sure what the law on that would be.

If as she contends they threw her out? Then yeah she might have a case. However at 18 you are legally and adult sooo..I don't know.

I've got multiple questions about this brouhaha that ain't been answered and might not be for the forseeable future...so I'll reserve judgement.

Oh! the link to the article! duhhh. sorry about that.


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