Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From the We don't want your guns file.

I'm worried boys and girls. And a bit scared. Only a FOOL wouldn't be with what's happening in the news lately. Perpend......

Now last year Connecticut...the state legislators and the Guv...passed and signed into law a bill that required registration of weapons and magazines before the law made some of  them illegal to own.  In the wake of that...the press and the gov't of connecticut acted all shocked and shaken and shit over the the fact that 10's of thousands of gun owners REFUSED to register their weapon in open defiance of this asinine, unconstitutional diktat.  That law lads and lasses stated that all owners of "military style" weapons had until Jan 1st 2014 to register those weapons and get the state to recertify them to own the weapons by issuing an "assault weapons" certificate which would allow them to keep said weapons.  Any magazine over 10 rounds is summarily banned and all of the; what we would call "standard capacity magazines" [ie anything over 10rounds]  also needed to be registered.


And now drops the other shoe...as the connecticut gov't in the guise of the state troopers send out the first round of confiscation letters to 106  AR15 owners that failed to make the deadline, and one hundred...15 I think it was, magazines registered..Now have a choice...

1) Render the weapon/magazine inoperable;

2) Sell the weapon/magazine to a licensed dealer;

3) Remove the assault weapon/magazine from the state; or

4) Make arrangements to relinquish the weapon/magazine to a police department.

 Oh did I mention that Everyone who failed to register can now be convicted of a class D felony?  Class D is the low end of the scale.  Punishable buy between 1-5years in prison and up to a $5000 fine. One assumes this is per count[per weapon or magazine in this case] making it stackable and the time spent in prison long and the fines possibly ruinous.


This is a blatantly unconstitutional, anti 2nd amendment, anti FREEDOM law.

They [the gov't] are going to use[and probably will from the beginning] SWAT teams to do raids. Doing property damage, possibly nflicting death on family pets protecting their owners and killing gun owners whose only "crime" was to freely exercise their constitutional rights and refuse to kow tow to  government[both local and federal] that's becoming dictatorial. 

Here's hoping pro RKBA advocates challenge this law and the confiscation in the state and or federal supreme court.

What's going to be interesting is how the Connecticut gov't handles basically being told to fuck off and die.  What's going to be more interesting is how those who told the government to fuck off and die and those that missed the deadline...are going to handle this going forward.For my money?  Barring the state being jerked up short by a lawsuit...and depending on how the government and the cops handle this...[probably badly at a guess, they've already proven they're terminally stupid by passing these laws] and how the gun owners respond?
  shit just may very well get...REALLY interesting.

You think I'm crazy?  Let your finger tips do the walking in which those same SWAT teams that are going to be used for this, have been doing the same thing on drug raids, for miniscule amounts of marijuana, or how the left has a new toy called SWATTING in which they call the cops on someone they don't like or disagree with politically and tell the cops some horrible story[that is flatly untrue be it that they be drug dealers or child abusers etc etc] Unlike a friend of mine..who thinks we're a little farther off from another civil war.  I think that whatever happens in Connecticut will possibly be the proverbial final straw that breaks the camels back.

Like that same friend though..I agree...the results of that final straw are going to be extremely ugly.  See if this kicks off the next civil war, then it won't be like the last one folks.  This won't be large armies on the field of battle and the stories of heroism and stupidity on both sides[and there was both on both sides of that war] oh no.  THIS time boys and girls it's gonna be guerilla warfare. It's going to last a good long while. It's going to be snipers taking out gov't officials, sneak raids on government offices, car bombs, bombs in government offices, police stations and probably military posts where the soldiers don't shoot their own commanders for giving the illegal order to make war upon their sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins etc etc whose only crime AGAIN was to exercise their constitutional enumerated and protected rights.  There will be no middle ground in this fight., no sitting on the fence.  If you sit on the fence you'll be considered an unaffordable liability and an enemy by BOTH sides. Just to give you a few examples that friends and people I trust use because they are known of by people. This is going to be like Beirut. This is going to be like Afghanistan when we aided what would become the taliban/al queda, in throwing out the Russians. This is going to be like Ireland, both in their fights against the british; AND against themselves via the catholics and protestants.  Except this won't be happening on some far off shore, in which  the people will be distanced from it and read about in the papers or watch it on the news, like some TV show drama. Oh no boys and girls this...THIS is going to be on our own soil. Our own goddamn doorsteps! 

What rises from the ashes of that free for all is also disputed. Some hope for a resurgence of freedom and honor and personal responsibility such as it was in our founders time. I know this...it will NOT be the America most of us my age grew up in as children. It won't be the country our parents and grandparents grew up in.  For my money? We will either end up as a region of balkanized states. Some of which may follow the founding principles, many which won't. A region that will constantly be at war with itself because those that follow the guiding principles of our founding fathers will be beacons and those who would do what connecticut and california and New York are doing will not be able to STAND to have those shining examples of the exact opposite clusterfucks that those 3 afrorementioned states are examples of.  [IOW for those that have read the series...The Ashes, aka Ben Raines series written by William Johnstone....without the nuclear detonations in some place and the cannibals. And yes the criminal element is going to have a BALL]
The other option? We'll end up a tyranical nation as a whole. Either militarized and aggressive to a fare thee well against other nations, and an  EMPIRE in truth.  Orrr... a tyranny such as Venezeula, or the old USSR {Soviet Russia for those that failed miserably to pay attention in history class] and other communist nations.

Remember...TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.


  1. Quite the bluebird of happiness today, eh? Unfortunately, I agree with your rather realistic observations. Fortunately, I'm old and infirm enough to be one of the first casualties so I won't have to experience the soul-crushing future like my grandkids will.

    1. Bluebird of happiness? Hell ain't no happy singing in this post. This one is nothing but bone deep, fire starting, blood letting blues. The rest of your statement I agree with. Sigh...the future for me, your kids and grand kids is gonna suck donkey dick. I love kids, which is odd coming from someone who hated kids as a teen and younger adult in my 20's. I want some of my own. Haven't got any yet because I haven't found a woman that'll put up with my ass for very long. OTOH given this *waves at the post* maybe that's just as well. According to the guess work/predictions of some friends of mine [and I think they're likely right, or at least not that far off in their thinking.much as it depresses the fuck out of me] all this *waves hand at post again* is probably gonna kick off in the next 2-10 years.

  2. They are not gonna be happy till somebody gets killed.....

    1. Well hell Miguel...we knew that. Witness how the antigunners dance for joy in the blood of the slain.


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