Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Whats wrong with the world today?

Okay, those of you that actually know me in real life, know I'm highly intelligent. I just gave up on being what most people consider "polite" in polite society because well...polite society has become a bad joke. So forewarned is forearmed.  In other words... YES you silly shits I'm gonna cuss like the sailor my daddy most assuredly WAS!.

And that is all the warning you are going to get. Now onward and cussward [Hey look! I done made up a new word! lol]

Quit your bitching! I know it's been a coons age, or may even seem longer than that, say...since before christ himself was a kid?  Since I last posted.  I bowed to my own better nature and refrained from posting what I was thinking on everything going on in the world because it all would most assuredly have been nothing but REALLY profanity laced diatribes against quite a few people and institutions.  Besides you people have heard most everything I would have said already. Since I've said a good bit of it REPEATEDLY on this here blog. So as I said, I refrained from doing so. I don't know why. I probably shouldn't have in retrospect. Since one of the outlets for my temper at the stupidity of my fellow man is this blog.  Needless to say sitting on my temper ain't improved it much, so mayhap I'll go back to writing on this thing on a regular basis. OTOH maybe it will only be semi regular. We'll see but by the shortness of my temper lately, it's clearly time to go back to my ranting, diatribey[it is SO a word I just made it up! hush!] writing on here.

Now back to the header question?  What's wrong with the world today?  Well it's gone to hell in a handbasket. Yeah I know it's gone there before but I think it's a little more serious about the descent into hell this time, hand basket or no hand basket.  Exhibit A.

You've got the race baiting, kow towing to the lowest common goddamn denominator in a trial that never should have been. Yes I'm referring to George Zimmerman in Florida.   See the local cops knew it and the local DA knew it. That's why
A. the local PD declined to arrest George Zimmerman and
B. The local DA refused to press charges. because
C. all the evidence they had supported his story!

But oh noooo!  The race baiters shit stain boils on the ass of humanity like the Wrong Reverends  Sharpton and Jackson started screaming racism, THEN that useless quisling dipshit we have for a president opened his lips and wagged his forked tongue and added to the flames by saying "if I had a son, he could have been Trayvon Martin"...
Oh and from the beginning the Progressive Propaganda Ministry deliberately misrepresented both Zimmerman and that thuggish, gang banger wanna be Trayvon all over the 24hr news outlets and local news. IOW, those  misrepresentations WERE lies. They WERE forward the narrative that George Zimmerman was an evil racist white man who hunted down a helpless young black boy just like the KKK to lynch him. and that Trayvon was an innocent 12yr old kid who was doing nothing wrong...he was just walking along,  minding his own business. To get the state to act wrongly and unilaterally where the locals refused to act because the evidence supported Zimmerman.  So the state...grandstanding and kow towing to the lowest common denominator appointed the State Attorney to try the case and brought charges against Zimmerman where there should have been none. Why? Political grandstanding.  This was to score points to keep people in office.

Exhibit B.
Do we hear the same outrage and calls for justice for Chris Lane?  Nope..because the 3 perps were black and racist and Chris Lane was white. Hell they murdered Lane in part because they were bored!  Bored? fucking seriously? go in your bedrooms, get out the playboys, hustlers and what have you that your not supposed to have and jack off! Go outside and cut the fucking grass, offer to help a neighbor prune back a tree or paint the house. But to murder someone because you are bored?  WHAT THE FUCK?! 


Or what about 12yr old Autumn Pasquale?  Strangled, murdered and body stuffed in a GARBAGE can by a 16 and 17yr old brothers...for her BIKE!  Nope...not getting the coverage of the George Zimmerman case. Why?  Because the perps were black and the victim was white.  Because it doesn't fit the narrative, the propaganda...the flat out fucking LIE of the downtrodden, misunderstood, held underfoot by evil republican racist whites, black man. THAT is why this kind of thing doesn't get the coverage of Trayvon Martin.

C.  back to that quisling douche in the white house.  What he wants to involve us in Syria?  I'm rapidly losing what little patience I had for the problems of the middle east. No stay the fuck out of it and let them kill each other in wholesale job lots. Maybe the survivors will be a little for the wiser but I seriously doubt it. They've been killing each other over there for generations. We aren't going to stop that or change it. 

D. the continuing campaign to disarm the populace so the progs can grab total power. Unfortunately there's this little thing called the Constitution standing in their way.  Don't believe it?  Pay attention...

here's the latest try by a couple of progressive power grabbing ass gobblers.
 H.R. 3018. An attempt to make it too expensive for the common man to own a weapon by imposing usurious taxes on the sale of weapons and ammunition.

According to a couple friends who pay even more attention than I's not the first time the power hungry in DC..have tried this little stunt.  Now to be blatantly honest, it's in committee  now and I fully expect it to DIE there.  That doesn't mean they won't keep trying though.

E. The education system...oh man I don't even want to get started on that one. Suffice to say the progs have been busily ham stringing the education system, making it instead of a system to encourage learning and critical thinking skills, a factory for churning out lobotomized button pushing automatons who FEEL instead of THINK.  I think I gave this one it's own long rant a while back so I'll refrain from going any further on this one.

F. The NSA spying on americans. 

G. The IRS targeting conservative/tea party groups. 

In short our government has systematically destroyed institutions and concepts that made this country strong. Institutions that made us the greatest nation on earth, and replaced them with touch feely bullshit to control the masses.  As much as I despise most of humanity, as much as I hate what has been done to this's still the only game in town. All though it's rapidly going down the shitter. Once that happens...well that's another post.

Sigh all this just off the top of my head from the last several months. Sooo much more I could mention.

Remember! TANSTAAFL and...

I now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity and insanity.

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