Monday, March 5, 2012

America loses another hero...

Colonel Van T. Barfoot. One of the last surviving members of the "Greatest Generation" to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, passed away. The nation as a whole should be mourning his loss. Sadly with all the political crap going on, and the fact it's an election year, his passing won't be much more than a blip. A quick mention and then forgotten forever more. I don't know which disturbs me more...the fact that he's gone and as I said....will be nothing more than a quick blip and then forgotten? Or the thought that has just passed through my brain that candidates for one side or the other will use him, and his death to score political points. Don't tell me that's not possible, because you folks know damn well that it is.
Sigh...Which is sad, the elder CMH winners aren't exactly thick on the ground, and we seem to lose a couple every year.

Rest Easy Colonel. We salute you.

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