Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's chat about immigration reform.

Let's have an open, BLUNT discussion about immigration and our southern border. Where in case you didn't notice from my intro, I happen to live. Now..Obama had a closed door session today. A meeting about immigration reform. He invited people who were 'stakeholders' those who have a vested interest in finding a workable solid solution. 1st we'll look at who he DIDN'T invite. He didn't invite any, not a single one..of the border Governors. Brewer, Perry etc. Guess we on the southern border are too reactionary and don't REALLY have a vested interest in a solution. After all..we're only on the FRONT LINES OF THE GODDAMN FIGHT! Here's a few links of those killed by illegal aliens.






Now lets just look at some of the people he thinks have are STAKEHOLDERS and have a vested interest shall we?
Michael Bloomberg-Mayor of NYC. Supporter of Amnesty and Obama Crony. Doesn't like Az Governor Jan Brewer much so he's got an axe to grind.
Richard Trumpka- Head of AFL-CIO union which is a major Obama backer. Financial and otherwise.
Arnold Schwarznegger- Washed up actor, abysmal failure of a governor and a man who married into the Kennedy Clan....that alone is enough for me to consider his judgement suspect.
Rev Al Sharpton- Obama Supporter and race baiting assbag
Julian Castro-Currently Mayor of San Antonio- liberal democrat and I believe amnesty supporter
Charles H. Ramsey- Former Police Commision of D.C. and Current Commish of Philadelphia. While commisioner in D.C. he instituted Traffic 'Checkpoints' which alas information of motorists were breaking no laws were entered into a central database. He in Philly installed lots of cameras in high crime areas which I can't exactly hate him for really.
Another invitee that was listed was a name I can't think of right now. Saw it on Greta tonight. guy who got his ass and his companies ass nailed to the wall during a major ICE raid in which they got bagged for hiring illegal immigrants.

What is your idea for immigration reform and securing our southern borders?

Okay boys and girls it's dawned on me that I MIGHT need to post what I think...for all you new people who are just finding my little slice of sanity on the web. Now..bare in mind before you get all judgmental..if you don't live in one of the border state or one of the states nearby..you don't get to judge me for my reaction and solution to the border crisis because YOUR ass is somewhere more than a thousand miles away....and you don't get to see it like those of us here do.
Now..lets talk. Obama and those on the Democrat side of the aisle SAY they want to reform the Immigration process. Streamline it. Make it faster. That's all well and good because like any other agency run by the government I have no doubt there's waste and stupidity in the system that can be weeded out. The other thing they espouse is amnesty. Amnesty for anywhere between 12-20 MILLION people who broke our laws and continue to do so. Many of whom were criminals to begin with before they EVER crossed our border. Drunks, Drug Dealers, Thieves,Pimps, prostitutes[okay them I can forgive, because they likely weren't give a choice by their pimps] and Gangbangers. I actually probably could have just left out all the other vices and just said Gangbangers because the gangs are into or do all of those rackets and more.

My question, and the question asked by countless others including LEGAL Immigrants who went through the system and got "green cards" as resident aliens or renounced their previous citizen ships[it's part of the oath they swear at their citizenship ceremony.] and became US citizens; is this: WHY should those who broke the law be REWARDED for breaking and continuing to break that law? And the many of the legal immigrants I know ask "why the hell should they get for free, what WE had to learn and earn?" Good question isn't it? Why indeed?

Now Obama and the Democrats will give you all sorts of Noble and touchy feely, feel good reasons for why. I'll give you 3 reasons why that are nowhere near that touchy feely and are the REAL reasons why. LULAC, LaRaza and the 2012 election. Obama's approval is in the toilet. He pissed off the conservative side of the aisle from the get go. We flat out don't trust him as far as we can throw him. he's given us good reason not to. Obama never had our support and approval. We on the conservative side of the aisle feel he goes to far..waaaay too far. Those on the lef on the other hand..his democratic liberal base..feel he hasn't gone far ENOUGH in his policies. LULAC and La Raza brought him a lot of the Hispanic vote in the 08 election with his promise to get amnesty for illegals already here and to change the way the system works. He hasn't done so. He's been pushing on other issues. Notably Health Care, Energy, GREEN energy and what not; as well as Gays in the Military and other issues. The groups La Raza and LULAC are understandably pissed at him for not delivering on that promise and have flat out told him they're not going to support him if he doesn't get his shit together and deliver on his promise to THEM.


Obama's Disapproval rating as of this morning was 50%. Which makes ME happy. since the higher his DISapproval rating the more likely the Conservatives will get back the white house. The trick of course will be to hold onto the majority in the house gained in the 2010 elections and expand on the gains in the senate from the 2010 elections. Obama has also told the Federal authorities on the border to not make arrests of illegals as they cross the border. THAT one was all OVER the news yesterday.




It's not the first time it's happened either. It happened several years ago:

Now..with this coming down the pike it's a pretty big indicator that Obama is going to TRY to follow through with is promises to LULAC and La Raza and other Hispanic groups. I don't know how successful he'll be with Republicans in control of the House.

The other side of this issue is Border Security. Without it we might as well not even call ourselves a Sovereign Nation anymore. Why? Because we [or rather the feds] are not enforcing their own laws on immigration. I have a solution to this but no one and mean no one is going to like it. Our Southerne border with Mexico is an open running sore. Illegal Immigrants flood across the border in wholesale lots every day. A lot of them acting as one time drug mules for the cartels to get an escort across the border by the drug cartels soldiers. This in not acceptable by any measure or stretch of the imagination. What is need as far as I'm concerned is to put troops on the border.

This is in actuality an undeclared war. An invasion. It's time to treat it like one. Time to pull up the welcome mat. 50,000-75,000 troops, running from Brownville Texas on the Gulf of Mexico up the Rio Grande to say near Sanderson, Tx. From there they run along the border towns up to El Paso. From there along the border through New Mexico, Arizona to Yuma, Arizona. From there the line forks. Straight across from Yuma to San Diego and up the Colorado River to the Hoover Dam. Roving intersecting patrols. You support those troops with Predator Drones. Air Force and ANG Air Patrols. It's time for the navy to go into riverine operations again. Run old fashion PT boats, using hydro jets for propulsion instead of propellers. High speed, shallow draft. After we have patrols established and the troops equipment in place their Rules of Engagement are simple. If it comes across the border at any point other than a border check point..kill it, annihilate it, destroy it, blow it the fuck up, make it cease to be.
"but..but..where are going to get the money to pay for all this when everyone is calling for cuts everywhere?" Well..people want to bring troops home.? Lets do so. The Europeans have depended on us for far to long to guard their backsides. Let them guard their own. pull all those troops and their equipment home. they are by and large the first to whine and cry warmonger when another war breaks out and we have to act. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. the long the short and the tall. I'd say stay in Japan. The Iraqi's are supposedly ready to take care of themselves. Bring the boys home from Iraq. Anyone we have left over there comes home. Afghanistan? Nuke it til its a flat, glowing pile of glass and have done with it. Pakistan? Take out the leader ship, seize and take or blow in place their nuclear arsenal and then just leave. They'll revert to their natural tribalism crap and kill each other in wholse sale job lots. but at least they won't have the nukes anymore....which is quite frankly the MAIN reason we went into Pakistan in the first place. Seriously? Islamic Fundamentalists with nukes? *shudder* Other than that we're going to get into a much broader discussion. Yes children this is going to cost money. but freedom and safety do NOT come free. How many times do I have to tell you TANSTAAFL. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, before it finally resonates?

"Your solution is overly violent and belligerent." Well geez there's a statement of the MASSIVELY obvious. Force does no good if you don't apply it. We on the border have been screaming at the idiots in DC for 20 mother fucking years or more to do a better job of securing the border. Fences, increase the size of the border patrol, roving intersecting team border patrols, more open rules of engagement for those border patrol agents etc. What have we gotten? Bullshit, innuendo, overly emotional feely touchy arguments, lies and the run around. We are no longer at a point where those things we've been screaming for, for more than 20yrs, will have a salutory effect. It's come too far and the situation has gotten too bad for them to be worth a damn. Especially with the various drug cartels coming across our borders with impugnity. Killing our law enforcement officers. Killing, kidnapping, raping and torturing our citizens. Destroying our property And all the with the connivance of the Mexican Government. Mordida has been the law of the land over there since long before I was born. We can no longer afford PASSIVE solutions. If you don't like it, I REALLY don't give a shit!

If the U.S, government hadn't given us hand wringing, hanky stomping platitudes and bullshit and had put actual concrete solutions in place 20yrs or more ago? Then perhaps it wouldn't be this bad now would it? Then there'd be no need for my "overly violent and belligerent" solution. At this point however it's the only viable one that will bring us any peace. If you kill enough of them, truck the bodies back over the river in dump trucks and dump them on their doorsteps the Mexican Government and the Cartels and those streaming across the border will get the point eventually. Or you can use the bodies for sandbags *shrug* because the cartels in particular aren't going to like my solution very much.


  1. I live in El Paso and the Democrats in charge here kowtow to the illegals constantly. We're a "sanctuary city", the Sheriff has ordered his deputies not to check citizenship; and when the city hall had 7 rounds impact in the 6th through the 9th floor, they said it was stray shots from 1/4 mile away. NOT with the grouping of the shots, it was deliberate. If, nay, when Obama pushes immigration reform, I hope the Republicans show some REAL backbone and tell him to pound sand until he feels like the Sahara.

  2. Anon...I don't expect him to pay attention. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried another Executive Order but that won't float either.

  3. Curley Wolf, as a Brit, I have to take objection to your comment 'The Europeans have depended on us for far to long to guard their backsides. Let them guard their own. pull all those troops and their equipment home. they are by and large the first to whine and cry warmonger when another war breaks out and we have to act. Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. the long the short and the tall.'
    We've stood beside you all through this from day 1 and will continue to do so, but if that's how you think of us then, 'Fuck you all' right back.

  4. Anon #2-hmmm sorry it took so long. I seemed to have missed this comment til now. *shrug* As a Brit..yes you have been long time allies, you're government though is an even bigger clusterfuck than ours. You guys were royally corncobbed from the day that Firearm ownership was banned. You really do need to get your house back in order my friend. Sadly most of your fellow Europeans don't feel the way you do. The fracking French in the last several decades in particular. The French are always one of the first to scream.

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