Friday, March 12, 2010

Insulting politicians and political correctness..

I belong to a webboard. Well, actually I belong to a couple...but the one I'm referring to I just joined in the last couple months. We have several threads going in which I've referred to politicians in general and some of the bills some of them attempt to pass are..retarded. Now the board admin has gone thru,,deleted 2 of the threads I've started and edited several of my posts in which I am admittedly ..highly insulting. And call our politicians retards. This ANNOYS me. If you're going to go thru life afraid to speak your mind or allow OTHERS to speak their minds on/in a public or even NON public forum; because something they said MIGHT be found offensive by someone, then...... WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF HAVING FREE SPEECH YOU FUCKING RETARDS?!

After I post this I will do another post that tells the story of the story that set me off to calling yet MORE politicians RETARDS.

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